JM’s throne

JM’s Throne was an extraordinary piece of furniture that my client picked up at an auction from an old country house. It took me over 1,000 painstaking hours to restore it.

It was covered in an exceptional quality of silk velvet which had long since rotted, hence the dishevelled appearance. An expert upholsterer said that to get that quality of velvet you’d be looking at ¬£500 per metre and a 3-year wait to obtain it.

Some progress photographs

Here’s the stitched well to contain the down cushion

Stitched well to contain feather cushion

Stitched well to contain feather cushion

The completed Throne

The chair is fully traditionally upholstered with a sprung seat and a down cushion offering exceptional comfort. I was able to launder and re-use the original hair (plus a bit of new hair). There were over 1,500 decorative nails, each one individually applied – it’s so difficult to make them look like a straight line.


Two finishing touches for the client

The first,¬†underneath…

The second, on top…

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