Petals and Claws 2017-18

Petals and Claws: Revisiting The Owl Service 50 years on

In August 2017, the novelist Alan Garner celebrated 50 years since the publication of his cult novel The Owl Service. The book is based on the myth of Blodeuwedd, a woman created from flowers and turned into an owl, from the cycle of Welsh tales called The Mabinogion.

In celebration of this, a group of us worked with Alan and Griselda Garner to present a travelling exhibition. Along with exhibition curator and photographer David Heke, sculptor Liz Ellis, painter Jenny Ryrie, musician Chris Tally Evans, story teller Fiona Collins, dancer Jacqueline McCormick and poet Anna Wigley, my fine art upholstery work was a part of this.

You can see more on our Facebook page, Petals and Claws.


Blodeuwedd chair in the sunshine

Petals and Claws (revisiting The Owl Service 50 years on) from David Heke on Vimeo.

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