Blodeuwedd chair: skirt

Blodeuwedd was created by the magicians Math and Gwydion in cycle of tales called the Mabinogion. They conjoured her from the flowers of oak, broom and meadowsweet. My design, based on those three flowers, suggests the face of an owl.


The central flower is a magnified, single flower from the clusters of flowers found n meadowsweet. Extending around it are yellow broom flowers. Flowing outwards are oak leaves and the buds of both broom (like yellow claws) and meadowsweet (white bobbles). At the edge are the final, frothy coronas of meadowsweet as it appears when viewed from a distance. The owl’s beak is formed by curving stalks of broom buds, meadowsweet leaves and tiny, tumbling green oak flowers beneath.

The repeated theme of five represents the magical elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether.


The train of Blodeuwedd’s gown blown by the wind

The fragile skirt encircles the chair as a nod to Blodeuwedd’s gown as referenced in the video soundscape in the exhibition. The skirt at the back, forming the train of Blodeuwedd’s gown, suggests an owl’s tail. The mud spatters on the train/tail hint at her final flight before Gwydion catches and curses her.

You can purchase my specially-designed Blodeuwedd design by the metre in a number of different fabrics at Fashion Formula.


  • Fashion Forumla – digital fabric printing bureau
  • Andy F Wilson for Photoshop assistance and lessons

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