Fringe Arts Bath 2019

Fantastic and Strange

Fringe Arts Bath festival 24 May – 9 June 2019, in various locations across Bath.

This excerpt is from the artists’ callout for the category of “Fantastic and Strange”:

“Many humans are curious. Curious about things that are deemed weird or different. Things that are exquisite yet grotesque. Things that are delicate yet sinister. Things we don’t always understand.

“Fantastic and Strange will explore the idea of the weird and wonderful, the eccentric and sensational. Art, ideas or items that are bizarre, eerie, mysterious, unconventional, supernatural or unexpected.

“Looking for artists of any discipline whose work falters between the odd and the beautiful, extravagant yet awkward. Works of art that both draw you in yet repel you or contradict in message, media or ideas.”

Luckily that pretty much sums up my Blodeuwedd chair (above and below) and I was delighted to be accepted to exhibit in Fantastic and Strange exhibition, curated by upholsterer and fine artist Clare Winnan.

Images in Instagram feed and photos bottom right and right above by David Heke.

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