Threadwork podcast

What a fantastic commission: providing imagery to illustrate Ross Cale’s Threadwork podcast. Using the title as inspiration, I produced the very small soft sculpture below encapsulating the concepts of music media and interwoven threads.


A sewing needle hangs down from the CD onto the Dansette record player deck, suspended by the holographic thread used to embroider the CD, and settles in a groove of the record. The other threads are those of the electrical cable for the Dansette record player (complete with socket, bottom left) and the tape, which is flowing, unwound, out of the cassette. The pencil – an essential tool of the cassette tape era – sticks out of one of the cogs which, for the uninitiated, is how we rewound tapes when they got into this state.

About the podcast

Threadwork is a biweekly podcast hosted by erstwhile DJ and phenomenally knowledgeable and talented music curator, Ross Cale.

Threadwork is his exploration of the common threads that link together musical tastes.  In it, Ross explores his own personal musical loves as well as those of his guests, examining the threads that run through them all.

You can find these delightful podcasts on the Threadwork website, on acast or via iTunes. Do, please, check it out. You can also follow Threadwork on Instagram or Twitter.

Select any of the individual images below to see more detail.

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